Top 7 jobs for Computer Science Graduates

As the field of computer science forever grows, so does the number of career paths and job opportunities. Here, you will find a list of the best career options for such majors.

Top 7 Jobs for Computer Science Graduates

As a result of the new digital revolution, a wide array of career paths and options are being constantly created for computer scientists. However, it can be quite difficult, figuring out which field to focus in on, to specialise in, with the number of options currently available.

If you’re someone who’s interested in starting your own career in the area of computer science, but don’t know where to begin. Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will be going through some of the best career options available to you. Additionally, this information will be accompanied with some background into the field, so that you can determine whether or not it’s for you.

Top 7 jobs for Computer Science Graduates
                                      Top 7 Jobs for Computer Science Graduates

1. Software Developer

The main responsibility of a software developer is to create and develop websites, apps, and other programs that run on Windows and other platforms.

Skills required include, an extensive background in programming; definitely the most recommended attribute. You’ll also need good interpersonal skills, so that you can work effectively and efficiently with others. You should have a high attention to detail, and be able to work on multiple tasks at once.

The average salary for such jobs sits around the $105,000 mark, according to U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics.

2. Database Administrator

The job of a database administrator is to evaluate and analyse the data needs of the end user. They work on improving and developing data resources that are used for retrieving and storing vital information.

Anyone working in this field needs to have problem-solving skills, this will come in handy when correcting any errors within the database. They also need to know how to modify systems in line with the forever growing and changing needs of the user.

BLS currently lists the median income for database administrators at the %93,000 mark, with employment in this field expected to grow at 10%, every year, up until 2029; which is above the average.

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3. Computer Systems Analyst

The computer systems analyst is tasked with assessing the computer systems of an organisation, and recommending necessary software and hardware changes to boost company productivity.

This job requires regular contact between the employees and managers, for this reason, strong interpersonal skills are required to work as a computer systems analyst. The analyst would be tasked with convincing both management and staff to adopt the new solutions that are recommend.

A computer system analyst must also be forever learning. Keep up to speed with latest trends, cutting edge technology, and apps that may be of interest.

Business skills is another required skill, as the computer system analyst must have some understanding of what would best work for the organisation. Other job titles that provide a similar role include business systems analyst and business analyst.

BLS puts the median income for computer system analysts at around the $90,000 mark. Employment in this field is expected to grow by 7% every year, well up and past 2029.

4. Cloud Engineer

The main duty of a cloud engineer is to operate, maintain and develop systems that package and save large amounts of data, while enhancing the user’s computer capacity. When it comes to building systems that use cloud services, the cloud engineer must adopt engineering principles. This is done to address the various challenges of the consumer and organisation.

If you would like to be a cloud engineer, then you will need to be highly efficient in programing, with excellent networking skills. With the number of cloud service users forever growing, more and more cloud engineers will be required in order to sustain and maintain the cloud infrastructure. Glassdoor, currently puts the average salary for someone working as a cloud engineer at $120,000. However, this figure can and typically does increase, the longer you work in the field.

5. Web Developer

The web developer is someone that is a programmer, focusing primarily on designing, coding, and building different layouts for websites.

The skills required for this role include:

  • JavaScript
  • Knowledge of various programming languages.

It’s also helpful to have some understanding of graphic design and be able to collaborate with others, whether it’s other developers, graphic designers, etc.

Your salary will start at $69,000

 6. Cybersecurity Analyst

Your cybersecurity analyst will spend his/her time preventing unauthorised access to a systems network and/or data. For most of us, including organisations, there is this great dependency on computer systems, whether it’s for personal or professional use. So we must have some way of protecting this data. We do not want it to fall victim to cybercriminals.

When we look at the large amount of data compiled on organisations and their digital needs going forward, we can conclude that the need for cybersecurity analysts will forever continue to grow. For this reason, anyone that opts to work in this field, must be a forward thinking person, as they will need to device rock-solid mechanisms that are capable of preventing attacks and data breaches.

Your average cybersecurity analyst working in America, should expect to make around $75,000 per year. So, if this is something that interests you, and if you feel you have the necessary skills to do it, then you can’t go wrong here, given the amount of money you will earn.

 7. Data Scientist

The main objective of a data scientists is to figure out the challenges of an organisation by compiling and creating datasets and models that are capable of predicting future events using brainstormed data. However, many people make the mistake of confusing data analysts for data scientists, given the similarities of the role.

While it’s possible for a data analysts to acquire appropriate data from other sources through research, a data scientist is required to formulate their data, using it to create predictive algorithms. In addition to that, data science is very closely related to machine learning, with a data scientist required to have a large amount of knowhow in the area of programming and the use of analytics tools.

The average annual salary for a data scientist is around $100,000, with the ability to earn far more with both time and experience. There are also bonus payments attached to it that currently sit at $20,000. So there’s a lot of money to be made as someone working in this field.

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